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about the incident. >> the ravens versus the cowboys turned into america's team versus america's most fortunate team. you will see why straight ahead. >> i am live outside the stadium with the excitement from the fans. details ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] " >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> the ravens got another narrow victory this afternoon over the dallas cowboys 31-29. despite the late surge by the cowboys, the ravens held on to extend to the winning record to 14. we have live coverage. sheldon dutes joins us with the and reaction. we begin with gerry sandusky who has the highlights. >> i did not think i would see anything closer than the marathon yesterday. we saw something this afternoon even crazier. the finish was wildly unpredictable in the 31-29 win for the ravens that sends them off to a 5-1 start the season. this was the action with the ball. he took the ball deep in the end zone and took off running untouched. the nfl recor time 108-yard kick gave the ravens the lead. the ravens are up eight. the touchdo
, thanks for that. >>> the redskins are lead the vikings convincingly right now. the ravens have helped out in the burgundy and gold with a dramatic win over the cowboys. we've got a reaction to the raven's big win. hi kristin. >> reporter: hey bruce. yeah, it was an exciting game, but a nail biter to the very end. the ravens are trying to hand it away to give it away to the cowboys, who ended up shooting themselves in the foot several times as well. take a look at what happened here at the bank stadium. the ravens are trying to protect a 13-game home win streak, and it was a great game late. cowboys are down by 8, finding dez bryant for the score, missing the two-point conversion, down by two points. but now the on-side kick will be next and the cowboys will recover, setting up a dan bailey 51-yard field goal attempt. and great for bailey, who hopes that they just left the ravens a block away with a two-point win. and now there might be even a little divine intervention. >> first off we're going to start off with my phrase. thank you, jesus, you know. it's sunday, it is sunday, you know, h
baltimore bummer. >> the ravens are 5-1 on the year but will play the rest of the schedule without two of their biggest players. one of them is the face of the franchise. ray lewis and lardarius webb are sidelined with injuries. sheldon dutes has more on the crushing blow to fans. we began with gerry sandusky who joins us in the studio lot on how this affects the team. >> i would say in a word, significantly. they know they cannot replace ray lewis. they have to, but they know they cannot. they can replace the position, but not his leadership and knowledge. he tore his tricep muscle on his right arm. the same with lardarius webb, he tore a ligament in his neat. who picks up the leadership? you cannot replace that. others will have expanded roles now. we will not see ray lewis the rest of the season. who can say whether or not we will ever see no. 52 in ravens uniform again? >> that is for him to speak on. i admire ray lewis. i have said that many times. i think everybody in this room does. everybody that knows him, feels that way about him. i look forward to seeing what he says abo
3 33 3 3 the ravens find another way to win.... and drive fans razy at the same time. the close victory over the steep price.ver comes with a quarter, with the ravens up 17-13... jacoby jones wants more... a lot more. hh the end zone.then follows his blockers and xplodes doon tte sidelinee.. tying an n-f-l record wwth a 108 yard kick ravens leed 24-13. latee in the 4th ddllas ties it up wwth a touchdown, and dez bryann can tie the ggme if he caathhs this 2 point ccnversion.... but he drops it! dallas goes forrthe onside kick and they get it... so a field goal will win it but daa bailly misses frrmm on for a 31-29 victory... but major injuries to key playyrs &p3son. - sunday's game markee the ravens 14th straight regularrseason home'' the longest current home- winning streak in the n-f-l. the ravenssare worried about the injuriis this morning, and we're learning more about the extent of ttose. but let's not forget.... the team wonn and sitsstwo gamms ahead now ii the a-f-c north. glass half empty or allf full... or maybe some just spplled out? joel d. smith
much. >> 2012 is the year. let's go. >> with the ravens win this afternoon, if the post can pull off a win, there will be a lot of home time pride in the tonight. >> the orioles and yankees split the regular season both winning nine games each. to a dance, they will have to win three of five against new york. pete gilbert has more on the match and game 1 starters. >> we are setting the stage we were not sure we would see again. it is playoff baseball at camden yards. the fans are filing in. this is a nip in the air. we're used to that. it is nice to have baseball in october. the orioles against the yankees, the first 05 games. no one thought the team would be here. we realized they had not been under .500 at any point in this season. from that point forward, they have moved on and then above it. they did go all season long. it's stretched back to last september when they knocked the red sox out of the playoffs. they build on that. tonight begins a new chapter as they go against the yankees. we will see jason hamel on the mound. he has not pitched in nearly a month. he thought he was
the ravens offense would have to hold up. terrell suggs back in the lineup, an incredible story. justin tucker from 51, the defense also began well. terrell suggs looked like terrell suggs. a disastrous performance, flacco here with a line drive. the astros lead over the orioles, something like that. everblades the pass rush, 25 yards for walter. first play of the second quarter, flacco. by jonathan joseph. celebrating last 15 yards, 16-3. another tipped ball, this one ends up with an incredible effort from grover quinn to come up with that interception. third quarter, al life shown in the ravens offense. 29-10, but the need -- the defense needs to make stops are forced turnovers than it did neither. the most points allowed in the john harbaugh era as the ravens the bye week. >> they played excellent, and we did not. that is what happens on the road, against a good team. we have to regroup and get back and play a lot better in the future. >> to come up at 5-2 going into the bye, we will take that. we'll go to work and we will come back. >> jonathan vilma back in time for a wild one betw
. explain how a stolen ravens' tickets helped detectives cracked this case. >> the suspects are accused of stealing jewelry, guns, and cash from several homes in howard county but investigators say it was a pair of stolen ravens' tickets that eventually led detectives right to them. it all went down at a game against the cleveland browns. >> we went to reagan stadium the night of the game to see who would be sitting in the seats. >> a memorabilia shop owner was sitting in the seats. he was able to tell them who stole the tickets. >> we have some other evidence from pawnshops and that resulted in arrests. >> the police told us that they are not releasing the pictures because they are still investigating. so far, the suspects have been charged with four counts of burglary. they might be responsible for 10 more. the detectives say several witnesses described this in a getaway car. >> they were both inside of the car. the same car that we believe was involved in these incidences. >> in howard county, wbal news. >> some better than expected news on the jobs front. last month, the unemploymen
it is a great celebration of the orioles, ravens, under armour, this city. everything that is great about this city. >> it is great to come out and enjoy. is great. >> everyone, whether you are first or last, is a winner. tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> all the sunshine we had today -- a beautiful day. a little chilly, but beautiful. we are on the south edge of warmer air coming in, but you cannot see it right there. the warm front is generating showers up in pennsylvania and back in the great lakes as well. this is tracking to the east, so it is not headed in our direction. we are just picking up a few clouds on the edge of the. 58 was the high. v low at the airport officially was 39 degrees. some of you did make it down to freezing or below that. on tv hill, we got to 34 or below that this morning. we were about 10 degrees below the average for the season. right now the blue shades indicate most of the ratings have dropped down to 50 degrees or a little colder than that. not as cold as light night -- as last night though. look a
right biceps muscle late in yesterday's win over the cowboys. late this afternoon the ravens learn that an mri shows a complete tear of his bicep muscle. that ends his season. willis has already beat the odds by playing 17 seasons in the nfl -- ray lewis has already beat the odds. john harbaugh did not want to speculate whether this might lead to his retirement or if he can rehabilitate the injury and return to the lineup next season. >> that is for him to speak on. i admire and ray lewis. i have said that many times, and i think everybody in this room does. everybody that knows him feels that way about him. >> the news equally disappointing for a cornerback lardarius webb. he has a torn a.c.l. in his left knee. that will require surgery and ends this season. the ravens did not just lose their best quarterback, they have lost one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl. other stepped into expanded roles yesterday following the injury. about the only good news from the training room at the raven'' today is no. 92, john harbaugh classify that as a minor injury, likely unease brain. it is
coming up... the ravens lose an ugly one in . houstonnthe silver lining fans mmy be able to find... innthe team's loss to the texans. last ccance the presidentiall - candddatee have to challenge each other's views... ((break 2)) - ellction day is just 15 days caadidates will have one last chance tonight to challenge face-to-face on national television..thena jones thh key toothe third and finnl presidentiaa ebate. 33& the third and final face-off between president ooama and goveenoo romney iil focus entirely on foreign policyy ffom afghanistan and pakistan to israel, iirn, anddthe changing middll east, the candidates will spprrooer america's role in the world, how to deal with a rising china.with polls showing thee rrmneyyonnforeign policy has obama tried to highliggt one of his biggest foreign policy light-hearted charity dinnnr in ew york."monddy's ddbate is little bit different, because he opic is foreign policy. spoilerralert: we got bin laden."he also used his speecc to poke un at his opponent."of course, worldd everr candidate. after...some pf you guys remember, af
on today's big win. >> i turned to my guys and talk about the ravens. >> plus the guys from nfl today weigh in on the ravens first quarter action. >> and beltran goes deep. >> no champagne shower in the show me state. the nats head back to d.c. with a division title still up for grabs. >> finish the deal off and you know, get back at home and it will be a lot more exciting. >> the birds flying high today but will they land in the playoffs? the americans choke on the links. a look at their epic collapse. better watch out, ray lewis. bryan dawkins is coming through. i don't know what that move is called. back to game on overtime, everybody. we have a jam-packed show for you tonight. i'm kristen berset. dave owens is in st. louis. we'll hear from him in a few minutes. first the redskins avoid walking the planks in tampa today after giving up 18 straight points to the buccaneers. rg3 orchestrated a final drive to put his skins back at 500. before the game a scary moment. look at this, brandon merriwether running after a ball collides with robinson. robinson unconscious a little bit. both ended
's ravens lost a bump in the road or a sign of things to come for the rest of the season? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to it was a pretty. >> 47 degrees at the airport. the final presidential debate is scheduled for tonight. >> a deadly shooting near a salon in wisconsin. >> this is traffic on the beltway at liberty road. 3q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >> welcome back to 11 news today. 5:10. 53 degrees downtown. the sun will be coming up in two hours. lots of sunshine today with warming temperatures. 45 in columbia. 64 by lunchtime. 70 later this afternoon. a lot of sunshine today. the wind will be light. a big warmup coming up. >> a gun and shoots seven people before killing himself outside of milwaukee. three women died and four others survived and are still in the hospit
-2 in the fourth. the ravens play on the road, only the second time this season. the ravens may have to take a more physical approach to change that outcome. a major focus for the reagans at arrowhead and on the road, it becomes easier to throw the ball for no. 1 draft picks in the defense. they have played for a high level this season, not to mention an offense. >> given the chance, go to the personnel of that defense. the front seven is outstanding. the defenses have set off the crowd. when the game is tight, that defense speeds up the crowd. >> sunday in kansas city, a third consecutive year. a huge weekend around here. >> cute pictures this afternoon. the kid that was shot at the high school, very seriously injured and still recovering. the ravens invited him down the practice. torrey smith, ray rice. can you imagine that? >> they are such great individuals. they can go through his strategy, powerful stuff. >> and this is what we're working on for tonight. if you plan to steal raven's tickets, make sure you don't leave your contact information when you try to sell them later. what they uncovere
click on politics. >> it was a close win for the ravens on sunday. the darius webcam and ray lewis will miss the rest of the season -- lardarius webb and ray lewis will miss the rest of the season. ray has overcome injuries in the past. john harbaugh has to finish out the season without the face of the franchise. a tricep tear user requires four to six months for full recovery. some fans still believe the team can bounce back. >> i am pretty sure they can find a new way. ray is 37. they have been thinking about his soon-to-be retirement. >> there is no -- we have other key players. hopefully we can improve our defense. >> i think they will have a great season. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the ravens can overcome the loss of ray lewis and lardarius webb? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 50 degrees at the airport. a memorial for chris stevens today. >> hillary clinton is taking responsibility for the attack. >> this is the beltway at [ male announcer ] this is
phance to win tickets... is - 3 3 15thay, octoberr3 3 3 p3 -3 3 the ravens ffnd anotter wwy to win.... and drive fansscrazy at the same time. the close victooy over tte steep price. ppice.let's go to the 3rd 17-13... jaccby jones wants &pmore... a lot more. he blockers and explodes down the record with a 108 yard kick return touchdown and giving the ravens a 24-13 lead. later in the 4th dallaa ties it up with a ttuchdown, and dez bryant caa tie the game if he catchhs but he drops itt dallas - goes for the onssde kicc and thhy get it... so field goal will win ii or the owboys.... but dan bailey misses from 51-yards out.the ravens hold on for a 31-299 to key players could impact s the resttof he season. (("...crazy fiiish.")) finish.")) sunday's game marked the winning streak in the n-f-l. so the ravens win... but &pit's ard to celebratt with s many injuries that could 3&p joel d. smith is live in towson wwth reaation to the the innuries that could take good morning joee d. you always hear it... a in is a win, buu thhs one literally hurts. hurts. 3 3 3 3- 3 so if it's
state leaders for a marriage equality conference. >> and the ravens do their part to make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> this is 11 news saturday morning. >> a state of emergency has been declared for every county in maryland as we brace for the effects of hurricane sandy. welcome to 11 news saturday morning, i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. that super storm could hit anywhere from north carolina to new england in the coming days. what all that means? all hands on deck. >> 11 news has team coverage of sandy's potential impact with rob roblin and david collins and we begin with john collins in the weather center. what are the latest models predicting? >> the main event is still a couple of days away so the weekend, we will see some of the effects but the real blast comes the start of next week. sandy has been downgraded in the past 20 minutes to a tropical storm, it's a technical thing. winds are down to 70 miles an hour. before they downgraded it, the winds were 75. it's a minor thing and it's
-3 - m&t bank stadiumm ravens win & mmnday, october 15th 33&p 3 3 3 3 3 &p3 phe ravens find aaother way to pin.... and drive fann crazy cowboys however comes with a - steee price. price.letts go to the 3rd quarter, withhthe ravens up 17-13... jacoby jones wants pore... a lot morr. he catthes it 8-yarrd deep in sideline... tying an n-f-l &precord wwth 108 yard kick return touchddwn and ow the ravens lead 24-13. later in the 4th dallassties it up with a ouchdown, and conversion.... but he drops it! dallas goes for the pnside kick and they get it... pso a fiell goal will win it 51--ardd out.the ravees hold on for a 31-29 victory... but major injuries o key players could impact the rest oo the seassn. there's concern hht ray lewis may haae torn his lardarius webb could have aa torn left a-c-l.both could be seasoo-ending innuries.more &ptesting will be donn ttday. &p(("...crazy finish..)) finish.")) sunday's ame mmrked the rrvens 14th straight regular-season home's the longesttcurrent home- winning streak in theen-f-l. p so the ravens wii... but it's hard to celebrat
for the ravens game. >> if you're lucky enough to hold tickets, it's a good one. currently clouds out there, 53 degrees at airport. we started in the 40's this morning and will climb to above-average conditions this afternoon. the average high is 67 and we should smoke into -- sneak intoe low 70's with a mix of sun and clouds. i'll be back in a few minutes to check the seven-day forecast. >> looking at news making headlines this morning. a man has died and another recovering after a shooting outside of a house party in anne arundel county around one 1:30 a.m. in the 7000 block of outing avenue in south pasadena. we are told the unidentified man suffered non-life-threatening injuries but morrow died. >> a shooting in north baltimore is a homicide investigation. investigators say officers found 18-year-old tashawna jones lying in the 300 block of east 26th around 7:00 p.m. friday night suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. she has died from her injuries. this is no word on what sparked the violence. the shooter is still at large. a female cab driver in serious condition after a shooting in
-- ravens will take the field at several local schools. sherrie johnson is live at sykesville with more to explain how they are working to encourage kids to get up, out and play. >> that's right. we are here atlinton springs in sykesville. very exciting day for the kids. they will have an assembly at 9:30 and ravens stop by the school and visit them. this is a part of the play 60 challenge. this morning, i'm joined by physical education teachers and health teachers. we have donny white, jennifer la point. they are joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. tell us a little bit about what happens today. you have players visiting, lots of things going on. >> an assembly planned at 9:30, to celebrate the kickoff of project aces, which started yesterday and the support from the ravens and the play 60 program. we are excited, torey smith is coming and the kids will be surprised. >> ex-lents. donny, tell me about the problems with childhood obesity and why the program is important. >> we know childhood obesity leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and it's important because we want
in union square on the lower east side is a place ravens and orioles fans need to know about whether you live in the city or are just visiting. the sidebar is are ravens are during football season and sense the orioles' seventh pick up steam, it has become an o's bar as well. >> i sent e-mail to all my ravens fans. change the purple to orange. >> the owner says he is seeing a lot of current. >> -- a lot of orange. >> we found plenty of folks from the baltimore area living in manhattan restate it is nice to find a comfortable atmosphere to watch a game. >> it is nice to cheer on your home team and not be around yankees fans. is good to be around orioles fans. >> been in new york, people gossip and around the yankees and no one really cares about the orioles. and then when the orioles started getting good this year -- you know, it came out of nowhere. i think everyone is really excited. >> and even though the orioles have an uphill battle after a heartbreaking loss wednesday night, they have plenty to cheer for in a place that feels a little like come. >> it is crazy. it is like the oriole
to catch the game. we went down to union square in manhattan to sidebar, traditionally a ravens bar turned orioles are tonight. -- bar tonight. >> i sent an e-mail to all my ravens fans. time dissent -- change the purple to the orange. >> i love coming here every sunday. it is nice to get baltimore high school friends together and share for the game. when the orioles game in baltimore on sunday night. i tomorrow night. -- went to the orioles game in baltimore on sunday night. going tomorrow night. >> top of the tall. the orioles have the counts. one ball, zero strikes, zero outs. folks are asking with the atmosphere is like. for pretty much the entire game, it was a vantage orioles fans. some innings you could hear a pin drop. that is until the ninth inning. we are hoping for a victory tonight. hopefully some smiles small morning. live in the bronx. >> thank you. while the orioles are roughly to the malls away, city leaders and fans here -- roughly 200 miles away, city leaders and fans here handed out all things orange. the mayor and the orioles byrd unveiled a large banner wishing luck fo
backk great defense...some ffel they're the best team in today to disprove that... first quarter...ravens lead walter or the 25 yard touchdoon..shaub threw two on the afttrnoon.......joe flacco threw ooe to the texans as tipped by the ferocioushouston defenne...this one innercepted by jonathon joseph, and e touchdown...houston led 29-3 at the half.......third quarter...the texans mount -&a capping it wwthhthisone yard run...just a hoirrible day for the ravens..,.tte exans wii 43-13.... 3 pe'll have much ore on a bad day ffr the raaens../coming up on our expanded unday night edition ofssprts unlimited...right after thiss newscast. despite the ravens bii lost against the were still cheering them on. &p"what ttme is it....ravens time...anyydogs in the house....woof woof...any dogs woof.""ou wouldn't believe pt... ut this is actually a open houss for an apartment complex...ravens style. prgannzers and residents at 19-01 south charles had cctered food, couches and big screen tv hoping to ggin more &pneighbbos and of course get a glimpse aa the game...and ven the return
are going to need you to be louder tonight. it wasn't all bad news for sports teams. ravens sweeped out a win with kansas city. we will talk about the game, straight ahead. it is a chronic problem at schools across the country. what baltimore city schools are doing to keep kids in the classroom. details on that straight ahead on this monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charley crowson is live at the yard. that was surprising because it's a late night game but it is chilly. loren is here with a look at traffic. the yard is always crazy any time there is a game. >> it's going be so congested tonight. i think the orioless can do it. i think so. how is the weather going to be? a lot of people were buying the ponchos last night. >>> we could see rain showers in the forecast. a raw day like yesterday with the temperatures staying in the 50s all day. yesterday 53, i'm forecasting 57 for today. a little warmer but below average, we do have a very chilly start this morning. 40 degrees now the aberdeen. the dew point coming in at 40 as well. we have patchy fog out. there
coverage of the marathon from home. >> coming up, and a date from the orioles in new york and the ravens getting a break from the pittsburgh steelers. >> frost and feet -- freeze advisory for tonight. we will give you the seven-day in a few minutes. a beautiful shot of the city. stay tuned. the weather is next. >> live, local, late-breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 6 with rod daniels and donna hamilton. if your insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 sports director jerry sandusky and sky team 11 covering breaking news. covering breaking news. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. >> get ready, set, go. baltimore >> will be filled with thousands of runners. there are looking at about 27,000 participating this year from all 50 states and 24 countries, the largest ever in the 12-year history. wbal the tv is your exclusive home for the running festival. you can watch it on tv and online. you can get some tips,
. - & 3- monday,,october 15th. &p 3 3- 33 the ravens find another way to win.... nd drive ffns crazy p the clooe victory over the cowboysshowever comes with aa steep ricc. priie.let's go to the 3rd quarter, with the ravens upp 17-13... jacoby jones wants catches it 8-yards deep inn &pthe end zoneethen followwshis blockers nd eeplodes down tte ssdeline... tying an n-f-l reeord with aa108 yard ick return ouchdown and giving the ravens 24-13 lead. later in the 4th dallas ties it p with a toochdown, and dez bryant can tie the game f he catches this 2 poiit conversion.... goes for the onside kick and wiil win it for the cowboys... misses frrm 55-yardss ut.the rrvens holl on for a 31-29 victory... but major injuries pt kke players could impact the rest of the season. (("...crazz finish."") sunday's game marked the ravens 4th straight pegular-season home winnit's the longess current home- a man is deadd this morning... after being shottin southeast b. baltmore.police say the 9- year-old was found lling on the ground near ast pallimore street and north decker avenue... ssufering f
their investigation. >> a tough loss for ravens fans on sunday as the team got manhandled by houston. not even the return of terrell suggs could shore up the raven'' defense. there he is. he did have a sack in the game. this game was all about houston. they continued to roll in the second half. it was good to see terrell suggs. the final score, 43-13. keith mills will have some reaction from college harbaugh coming up in sports. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. was sunday's ravens' loss just a bump in the road or a sign of things to come for the rest of the season? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to let's hope it is a bump in the road. >> 6:09. good news for customers of the dish network who are fans of "mad men." >> never seen it. >> the month-long freezeout is out. >> a shocking attack is caught on attack as a man goes up in flames. we will update his condition. andhy some missing robes ashtrays, in the way back to a posh hotel -- are making their way back to a posh hotel. >> sarah caldwel
the ravens. >> yep. we are dealing with that this morning, the rain last night, right now, dry, but could see showers in the forecast as we go in to the afternoon. we could have a repeat of yesterday. the rain and the chilly temperatures will be plaguing us. not going to get a break for today. maryland's most powerful radar is dry, take the rain gear with you as you head out and about. if you can't get home, you will need it later. now let's talk about the temperatures, that's the story, it is chilly, big coat is needed. temperatures in the 30s this morning. 37 degrees in west friendsship. we are having the dew point at 37. we have patchy fog as well. 40 millersville with the dew point of 40. sykesville the same, temperature coming in at 39 degrees, the dew point of 38. here is reduced visibility across the area, 8 baltimore, 5 frederick, take it easy as you step out and about. the clouds on the increase and so will the rain chances. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> we are dealing with patchy fog. a good morning to turn on the low beams, slow down and be careful. a c
...starting at 5 a-mm 3 the nfl reachhs into the ravens' wallet...why hey were fined by thh league and hoo much hey it'll in sports unlimited... starterr...who have played in every bb 100 percenn serious injuries released to the leagge or medda.thht's how most teams see it.but in ed reed's casee.. the llaguee&disa ravens 20-thousand for not listingged reed on theeteem's injury report leading up to the texann gamee.reed said he phoolder dduing a radio interview.but didn't think it was a big deal.theeleague decided on the fine after rrviewing ggme ann ractice no injury repprr this week... relax ann get hhalthy...thee- coaching ssaff will be working. pthe defensive side.... on why ppessure the q-b and tackle.on offense... hy ii's night and day when playing at home verses the road..for sooe reason the ravens ffense looks like the "b""teamm hen they three road games... at phillyy k-c.. ann houston..he ravens are 1-and-2. &pthe offense didnnt even score .and ttere's no explanation for it. 3 a terp bbaketball ttansfer ruled ineligible for thii hhgh sch
. >> our big story this morning, a huge sunday for baltimore sports fans beginning with the ravens taking on the kansas city chiefs at arrowhead. >> that game is at 1:00 but something big happening tonight is something we haven't seen in this area in 15 years. we are talking orioles baseball in october. game one of the american league divisional playoff series gets underway tonight as the o's take on the new york yankees. buck showalter has tapped jason hammel to take the mound tonight against the yankees' ace, c.c. sabathia. this year against the birds, sabathia hasn't seemed like much of an ace with an 0-2 record in three starts at camden yards. the game time is 6:00. the players certainly not the only ones getting ready for tonight's big game. as george lettis explains, so are the fans who have waited a decade and a half to enjoy this ride. >> camden yards is getting dressed up for playoff pageantry. the buntings in the warehouse and all along the stands in foul territory. the postseason sign was painted in the grass and shows up all over the ballpark. national television crews are set
day in baltimore sports history. one team squeaks out a win. how the ravens avoided a loss in kansas city. >> but not so lucky. keith mills explains the rare mistake from buck. next in sports. >>> good morning, a look at your morning commute. the major roadways are going well. we had an accident on abbeyton. clear. up to speed on the north side. problems with jfx into town. 57 on average on the west side past i-70 if you want to travel on the outer loop. 66 past the glen bernie area. 50 running smoothly to and from the bay bridge at this hour. live view of the traffic. ellicott city, in great shape at this hour, picking up a little bit more in the southbound direction. give you a look at 795 southbound going away from us on franklin boulevard. again, it's continuing to build. but no official delays here or at owings mills toward the beltway. the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >>> a chilly start for us on this monday morning. it's dry. temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s for the northwest suburbs. down to 39. randallstown, 40. cob keysville, 41 at the airport. a ch
. >> coming up at 6:00, there is are ravens are on the east side of manhattan seeing a lot of orange -- ravens bar scene a lot of orange lately. that is a great place to check out the game. for now, we are live at yankee stadium in the bronx. wbal-tv 11 news. >> you give and to give and to give. will get him. he keeps finding great stories. and he has become a fan favorite. so, let's see you. send your pictures to u l ocal. >> he needs a ball cap for his collection. >> an evacuation of residents and businesses. >> we will tell you the story behind the traffic mess when we come back. plus -- >> he was on top of me and i responded by punching back. >> he was just about to open up about bullying when he was attacked on-camera. what school officials said to do about it. >> a new state audit critical of >> homes and businesses in locust point were evacuated for about an hour and a half this afternoon as crews responded to a gas line at leak. we're told a private contractor struck a high-pressure line impacting buildings along marryat st.. customers are no longer affected. -- buildings along marriot
to that amount of severity. >> the trial is expected to last a week. >> the ravens had a victory on sunday against the cowboys but it came at a cost. ray lewis and lardarius webb will miss the rest of the year with injuries. webb would need surgery to repair torn ligaments in his left knee. >> i am disappointed for those guys. it doesn't matter how high or someone else feels about it. these are guys that put so much heart and soul into what they do. >> we'll hear whether john harbaugh says we will see the last of ray lewis on the field as a raven. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the ravens can overcome the loss of ray lewis and lardarius webb? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> if you plan on taking part in the election and you're not registered to vote, you are running out of time. you can print out the form and mail it in. and now you can register online. >> we have seen over the last month and increase in voter registration. as time goes on, we'll be able to get a num
giant stores participating in the 17th annual ravens family food drive. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. >> the organization is gearing up for a major event next week. it is the start of the ravens food and family fund drive. >> this is the time of year when the food bank sees a drop in donations. they rely on food drives by the partnership between the giant and the baltimore raven spirit the baltimore ravens are sure to be ravenous for a win, but they want to make sure nobody goes hungry. they're teaming up with a giant, selecting food and donations for the maryland food bank. >> we raised over $30,000.20000 tons of food. it was beneficial to our community. >> the food banks have been facing a lot of demand. it is real
- to pursue enforcement.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at five. ravens veteran center... maat sex marriage debate. debate.birk in video: 3.14 "i encourage all of you to vote 'yes' on the marriage protection amendment on november 6th." 6th."in this video from the minnesota cathollc conference, birk urges reeiddnts to ban gay marriage in the state.he's the second raven to take a stand on the issue.last month, prendon ayanbbdajo spoke in ásuppootá of same-sex marriage in mmryland.baltimore coonty sttte delegate emmitt burns urged the ravenssthhn to silence ayanbadajo, but they, fans aree ounning off. fan1: "yeah, they're here to play football, but they can express their opinions just pou're in thh public eye, maybe you shouud keep your opinioos to yourself, but he has just as mmch a right as anyone eese to speakkwhat he actually feels." feels."birk says... he informed ayanbadajo friday of the video release, and it pon't be the last ime he speaks publicly on the matter. thattbrings us to our question of the think its approoriaae for sports political issuess go to fox-bal
finished with the boston finished with the worst record in almost half a century. if what the ravens did on offense in september carries over, people will start to notice. the ravens, the no. 2 offense in the nfl. this sunday, joe flacco has the first chance to become the first ravens quarterback ever to throw for more than 300 yards in three consecutive games. the ravens have not forgotten about ray rice. he ranks second in total yards in scrimmage. september was impressive, but there are much higher hopes for october and beyond. but all our guys would agree we have not played our best offensive football yet. we have not played as well as we are going to play. early in the year, that is the important thing. we just keep getting better. >> the ravens in kansas city, the orioles in texas. yu darvish the picture. >> tom is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast. david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and
were out last night and everybody was going wild. haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens' games. >> this design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the racks for eager fans. >> we knew it was going to be crazy. we opened at 8:00 and probably going to stay late. >> bars and restaurants begun setting up barriers. security experts are talking about what will be a busy beginning of the week. >> opening day is pretty large, needless to say. and we are hoping it will be a miniature opening day and expecting a lot of people. >> pickles public and other area businesses expect to cash in. >> i had months to plan. i have 24 hours to plan for this, so it's exciting. if you are going to have a problem, that's a good problem to have. >> as for tickets to games one and two here at camden yards, the orioles tell us they are essentially sold out but check the web site because some tickets may have been returned. you may be able to get few remaining tickets to the games. >> george, thank you. while we are talking about preparations, fans should
is accused of doing to two teen boys. >>> get up and get active. a life preview and how the ravens are getting involved. it's tuesday, october 2nd. i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today. rain is going to be a factor weather wise and with the traffic. >> dealing with fog out there. north and west of baltimore. please be extra careful as you head out. >> we have the rain out there already , the bulk is off towards the west. but that is slowly but surely moving in our direction. let's zoom in on areas this morning. that's and a we are looking at -- that's what we are looking at. carol, baltimore, manchester light rain showers, more of the same in westminster, sliding up to the north and east as of now. along i-83, heading towards pennsylvania, in to new freedom, in on wet weather as well. also jeretsville, showers across the area, to the knot of cockeysville. the bulk of the rain towards the west, we can see it along i- 70, hammered this morning. hopefully the travels aren't going to take you that way. you can see it crossing over frederick and walkersville as of now and mount airy
'the mvv is handed out in a couple of days after a bye week, the ravens coaahes were raring to go yesttrday,and they didn't even let a hurricane stop them...they simplyheld prratice indoors...jjhn harbaugh skipped his regluar monday press conference due to the stoom, and held a confeeence call instead instead and in thht calll he said a recenn 20-thousand dollar fine has opened his eyes a bit.. safety ed reed admitted he had a torn labrum in hissshoulder on aaradiooshow last week...the ravens didnnt have him on tteir injury report, because he ppacticee every day..the nfl said they should have and fined the ravens the harbaugh said from this poinn forward, evvry injury goes on the report,practice or not... &phaabaugh, reed and the ravens are 3 and a half point might've beenmore, but we know, the ravens have been strugglinggon the rrad this yeer now it's time to annnunce the candddates in oorrhigh school brought to you by vaasity sportt nntwork dot com.yyu an to see highlights of n our - wwbsite... ffx baltimore dot com.... click on high school game of the week. week. here's thh
.super nfl semana 6 redskins 38 vikings 26 cortesia: nfl/fox nfl: ravens 31 cowboys 29 (sp-14su) en baltimore tambien se festejo y donde los cowboys de dallas hicieron todo para ganar pero también para perder y su suerte se decidió con un gol de campo fallado a dos segundos del final y, de ese modo, los ravens ganaron un dramático partido en casa por 31-29. los ravens con 5 victorias y una sola derrota sobrevivieron al ataque final de los cowboys y les permitió ganar su partido número 14 consecutivo en casa. por los baltimore, joe flacco lanzó para 234 yardas con un touchdown y ray rice anotó dos touchdown en acarreos para acumular 63 yardas terrestres. con esta otra victoria los ravens son punteros en la division norte de la confernia americana.super nfl semana 6 ravens 31 cowboys 29 corteisia: nfl/fox mlb: tigres 3 yankees 0 (sp-16su) en el playoffs de las grandes ligas, en nueva york, aníbal sánchez y los tigres de detroit fueron implacables al ejecutar las jugadas, se beneficiaron por el fallo equivocado de un umpire y aprovecharon sus escasas oportunidades en el plato. el premio
vytaa reid... 3 tte ravens ponder the ravens ponder somm changes cunnighammsays this guy will be a majoo part of them. &p3 the ravens have officially left for bye john harbaagh ran themmthru a finaa practiceand then they scatteredd..and re not due back until onday.. monday.. 33 and while the players are getting some time off, that's pottrue oo harbaugh's coaching staff...especially on offense.. they've got to find ways to gee the chains in the game'sooening drive there were22 sscondd left in &pgame, onny 9 total carries..and he's youubbst offensive weapon...they know ttat's got to change.. speaking of ppayyakers, that's what the ravens ttought thee had in sergio kindle...but a fall down the steps before his rookie year almost ended his career, andkindleehass strugglls to find a place... sattrdaa, the ravens cut the pormerrnumber two pick to make room for one picked him up. so now he's back...they signed him to the practice got his the eagles septembee 16th, nitt has been inacttvethe llst fourr weeks. updates from owings mills and
a gold glove, which he has now done twice. sandy knocked out power to the ravens facility until this afternoon. mckinney cases the lawsuit in miami dade circuit court for $375,000 in unpaid bills he allegedly ran up at a number of strip clubs in south florida. he called the lawsuit bogus. the arizona cardinals reportedly have some interest in trying to acquire mckinney. he doesn't have a big salary cap number but he does have more baggage than most airlines will let you travel with for free. the team will attempt to bounce back from the most lopsided loss in the john harbaugh era. running the ball more and stopping the run more effectively will likely become major priorities. the ravens rank 19th in the nfl for running the ball and 30 of 32 on defense. the numbers will have to change in order for the ravens to hold onto a top spot moving forward. this week marks only the second time under john harbaugh that the ravens have to bounce back from a loss going into the bye. you have to go back to 2009 to find the last time it happened. hauschka missed a potential game-winning field g
his long celibacy for his vitality. >> two days after a costly game 6 for the ravens, players are talking about the loss of ray lewis. players admit it will be tough but the the important thing is to move forward as a team. >> of its the will be tough losing two of our s -- obviously it will be tough losing two of our team leaders. >> it is tough. it is unfortunate but we will deal with it. everybody will play their role and will be all right. >> there is some good news. terrel sugs could begin to practice with the team as early as tomorrow. as the ravens tried to play their way into superbowl 47, we now know who will perform during halftime. beyonce will take the stage at the superdome in new orleans on february 3, 2013. the 16th time grammy winner sang the national anthem at superbowl 20 -- 38 in 2004. >> now your insta weather forecast. >> earthquake up in maine this evening. mine about 7:00. initially estimated at 4.6 but the magnitude suggested down to 4.0. it was near the portland area. about 3 miles west of polis center, maine. no reports of damage or injury. it was fel
on sunday comes at a huge price for the baltimore ravens. >>> a star line backer helped shape the franchise, now out for the season. >>> how important is it to monitor your child's internet use? >>> turns out the gaming systems could be just as dangerous as things like facebook. >>> thank you for staying with us, ray lewis and ravens go hand in hand. the heart and soul of the franchise since arriving 17 years ago. now we watch football on this sunday and more to come, you are not going to see number 52 out there, lewis is out for the rest of the season. star line backer left the game with a triceps injury. >> i feel great about the chance to fill in. that's something we have been able to do in the past. that's what you have to do. that's going to do what we are able to accomplish this year. >> web is out for the remainder of the year and tore an acl in his left knee sunday. >>> today students at hilton elementary are going to get a huge surprise, a raven will show up to congratulate them on eating right and getting 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. the surprise raven will be working
% cash back on almost everything. 3 ravens losing game naas &ptexas.... but the one bright disney on ice nats natsand... sse disney princesses hii the ice... for &pfree.your haace to winn ttckets to "diiney on ice".. 60 minuuts. 3 3 3 3 -live look downtown 3 ponday, october 22nd ,3 3 3 & 3 &p , 3 we are following breeking news outtof federal hill... where still battling a fire that morning.joel d. smiih is live with what we're now learning joell how esidents wwre abll 3 3&picc house waa under renovatin oc: thats why its so stubborn 3 so ssubbornoc: ttats why its under renovationic: houss was ic: house was pnder renovationoc: thatsswhy &pits so stubborn in total... how maan builddngss werr damaged? a weekend shooting is still under investigation, this -&mo found shot , saaurdayy aattrnoonnnear east hoffman streettandd iiton avenne.he pater died aa a ospitaa. &paccording to the baltimore sun... there have been 175 this yyar.....ompared tooa total f 198 or all of last year. 3homicide detectives are investigating the deadly shooting of a 60-year-ood man in west baltimore over he wwe
two suspects in howard county. how a pair of ravens tickets helped officers nab the culprits. 11 news saturday morning starts right now. >>> hello and welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> i'm jennifer franciotti. your top stories, including last night's big win by the o's in just a moment. but first let's check outside with john collins. >> stars, clear skies. >> felt like summer yesterday. >> beautiful day yesterday. been so long. we got a baseball game today. >> it's exciting. >> here in baltimore! things are going downhill. >> not for sports. >> weather wise. we're going to see a big change here coming. one, there's some rain out there that's headed in with a cold front. and the cold front is really gonna change the complexion of the weather over the next 24-36-48 hours. the front, you can see the rain. most of it in pennsylvania and up in new york state. becomes rather scattered when you get farther south down into the ohio river valley. look at the numbers on the screen. 58 baltimore. pittsburgh, 49. ft. wayne, 36. much colder air coming in behind that cold front. it all happe
sports fan. the o's just an did an amazing season. >> the ravens barely survive the dallas cowboys. a kickoff return by jacoby jones tied an nfl record and gave the ravens a lead. the cowboys would come back. they missed the conversion that would have tied the game. they tried an onside kick. the field goal was wide. the ravens won. keith mills will have more highlights coming up in sports. the orioles had an o-mazing season. >> orioles fans cannot be more proud of their team. hundreds of fans will come back their hometown heroes. this was an attempt to think the team for making baseball relevant in baltimore again. >> i want them to know that the city has the backing win or lose. they did a good job this year. already looking forward to april. recap, visit our web site and click on o's. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. was your favorite moment from the 2012 orioles season? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 5:07. 67 degrees at the airport. mitt romney and president obama are get
ravens aad texann battled it out sunday for texans ravens and texxns battled it out sunday forrthe beet record in the a-f-c... but it wasn't much of a fight. figgt.first quarter...ravens lead 3-2.matt schaub hits kevin walter for thh 25 yard the afternoon.joe flacco threw - one to tte texans as well.... and he had 5 passes tipped by the ferocious hhuston defense...this ne intercepted &pby jonathan jossph, and he took it 52 yards for a the hallfthhrd quarter...the - texans moont another drive...arain foster capping it wwthhthis ooe yard run.just a horrible day or thh ravens..he texans spot for the ravens.coming ght back early frrm a bad achhlles injury... terreel suugs was back on the field, playing well... which meant he wws allo in the locker room john harbaugh. ong with coach - sot ravens post: harbaugh it's the nfl, its one loss. weegot ttssed out oo thh bar, its the nfl, we came in wiih good intentions.we came in peaay to o battle, i hought running n, and they kept suggss theres no sugar coating it, call a spade a spade, they whooped ourrass. tteseewere two teams coming p
season. >> the ravens have the best record in the afc. 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown by jacoby jones. that tied an nfl record. the cowboys would come back. dallas had one more chance to win. dan bailey missed a field goal. keith mills will have highlights. the orioles lost game 5 to the yankees. >> hundreds of fans lined the streets early saturday morning to will come back their hometown heroes and even signed a giant thank you card. businesses in the area had a lot to be thankful about. >> added revenue we have been able to profit off of. it has come around and and only builds more excitement and more anticipation for opening day next april. >> for a recap on the magical orioles' season, you can visit our website, that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what was your favorite moment from the 2012 orioles season? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to 6:09. 67 degrees at the airport. >> two hikers are missing. >> go ivy league for free? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine
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